Trademarks & Employment Law 

Counsel for  budding entrepreneurs, startups & freelancers


Legal Services


Protect your brand and your investment. We will help you register your trademark across the US. This includes  detailed searches of brands that may cause likelihood of confusion or other problems that may result in your application being rejected. These searches go far beyond the simple search of brands listed on the USPTO website, and can save you time and money

Employment Law

Safeguard your ability to work, either for another employer or on your own. We provide counsel on non-competition, non-solicitation and non-disclosure matters in termination and other binding agreements 


Make your terms clear. Listening to your particular needs and situation as freelancers, creatives, startups and small businesses, we craft tailored independent contractor agreements and contracts for services that are unique to you and your field or industry

 Our Clients

Our clients are busy people who are on the move!


Entrepreneurs, employees, start-ups, freelancers, creatives... all with great skills and even more potential. The last thing they need is to be slowed down by legal matters, second-guess how or whether to sign that offer or contract, or become entangled in a lawsuit.

Stonebanks Law was created with the aim of providing practical legal guidance and solutions for people - not to pursue litigation.


We offer help protecting the brand that you have worked so hard to build, guiding you through your transition to that next job, or understanding and assessing any risks and responsibilities or ensuring you are getting what you bargained for - before you sign on the dotted line.



Seeking Simplicity

Who likes the unknown of how much their plumbing, medical, legal (or other) fees will amount to by the time the work is all done? We all know the feeling. It's not great.


Wherever possible, the fee structure at Stonebanks Law will be flat-fee - so that you know what to expect and avoid the dreaded unknown. There will be situations where this may not be feasible or appropriate, but this is what is preferred. Either way, you will know ahead of time.

About the Firm

Experienced. Practical. Personal.

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Located in New York City, Stonebanks Law understands the challenges and pressure that comes with making your own way in the world, and is here for you, every step of the way.


Corina Stonebanks began her legal career in the mid-1990s and consulted women-entrepreneur startups for many years. Her big-law-firm days in Corporate & Commercial Litigation were enjoyable and helped develop her solid legal background, but they also left her wondering if she couldn't provide more meaningful help for people. Her consulting work with primarily francophone women entrepreneurs confirmed her desire to assist clients along their growth path and help realize their vision. Instead of unnecessary litigation, providing practical, rational and reasonable solutions to legal problems. It is this collection of experience and philosophy that she brings to her practice.

Corina is fluent in French and has practiced in both Civil Law and Common Law jurisdictions, allowing her to help clients from many backgrounds understand the law in ways that may feel more comfortable or familiar to them.

Corina lives in Manhattan and when she isn't savoring every minute of happy time with the love of her life (her daughter), can be found playing bass guitar in a rock band and writing three-chord songs (sometime even four).


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